Dhaliwal Dairies was founded in 1977 as a simple door to door delivery of fresh milk. Today we cover the whole of South Wales. The family run business has expanded but has kept to its roots. With over 34 years experience we now cater our service to individual customer needs, providing a variety of different products including some of the leading brands in the market such as Kingsmill products, Hovis products, Cathedral cheese, Freshways milk & yogurt & Yazoo milkshakes.

The Dhaliwal Dairies brand is built upon a history of providing customers with a reliable service with a personal touch. Quality and fair prices go hand-in-hand with a responsible approach to business.

At Dhaliwal Dairies we look to the future and envisage us working with local communities to help educate individuals in the benefits of healthy living and the importance of milk as part of a balanced diet.

If you would like to know more about our services please get in touch.